Cosmological Musings

There is a sensation of the infinite within me and in every thinking, feeling human being. As Carl Sagan said, “We are star-stuff.” Our bodies are formed from the same matter as the rest of the cosmos.

Life itself is a miracle. Science has not yet been able to explain its origin. The fact that I am aware of my life is another miracle erected upon the previous miracle of life. I seek a third miracle. I seek the miracle of discovering the meaning of my life and my awareness. I seek to discover why I am here and what life is about.

The concept of God cannot be ignored when speaking of miracles. I question my conception of God more than I question God’s existence. If anything, God is a personification of the undiscovered source of those three miracles of life, awareness, and meaning.

A human being consists of three parts and like the three miracles of life, awareness, and meaning, each one builds upon the other. Those parts are body, mind, and heart. By the mind I do not mean the brain and by the heart I do not mean the cardiac muscle.

My mind does not rest behind or between my eyes, though at times it seems that way. My mind is my consciousness; my awareness of being alive. My mind is the tool I use to take in knowledge of the world, to learn. It is my interface to the external world.

My heart does not reside in my chest cavity. My heart is my tool for evaluation. It likes and it dislikes. It is how I experience pleasure and pain. My heart weighs what I learn from the external world and pronounces each discovery as “good” for me or “bad” for me. It internalizes the external world, incorporating what I value. That is the meaning of the phrase “take it to heart” or to learn something “by heart.”

Together, the heart and mind comprise the spirit. The spirit gives purpose to my life. It is the greatest mystery to me. I have been alive for 53 revolutions of the earth about the sun. In that time I have gained a fair knowledge of the ability of my mind and of what I like and do not like. I have yet to discover my spirit; my motivating passion, though. I want to know what my life means, so my current mission is to discover my life’s mission.

I am convinced that I have a mission in life and I am convinced that it is discoverable. The key to discovering my mission is to develop a deeper understanding of my body, heart and mind. Everything builds upon what came before. Nurturing my body, mind and heart nurtures my spirit, so a deeper understanding of my body, mind and heart should lead to a deeper understanding of my spirit.